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Business owners and Directors of non-profits love Tailored Tech. We make you look like a hero while saving you a lot of work. We help you get more done, and we help you do it better.  Sophia Kelly explains things using non-technical language, and she helps you focus your efforts where they give the most value. Good at your core business, but need other pieces to make it work?  Tailored Tech has those pieces.

Practical help, skilled help, with project management, planning, marketing, websites, databases, IT infrastructure, reporting, evaluation and other tools to make your project a success.  If you are looking for a WordPress web developer who can do complicated integrations, a technical writer or a project manager, or even someone to do routine website maintenance and repairs on retainer for you, you’ve come to the right place.

With over 20 years of experience helping non-profit organizations and entrepreneurs do good things better, Sophia Kelly can help you make it happen. Call 604-813-7674 to get started. 

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