Technical Writing Sample – Evidence Based Public Fact Sheets

As part of a project to provide accessible information for the general public, families and persons with psychosis, Sophia Kelly was contracted to write a number of fact sheets on psychosis in for the BC Schizophrenia Society.

The challenge here was to write technically accurate, evidence based health information which was at a reading level for public use. These fact sheets were reviewed by psychiatric professionals who were experts in the topic areas, as well as family members of persons with mental illnesses. The writing, layout and design was completed by Sophia Kelly as part of the contract.

To follow are the links to the completed files . If this information is useful to your or someone you know, the society grants permission to copy and distribute to others for non-profit purposes.

Psychosis Symptoms and What to Do

Early Psychosis How Family and Friends Can Help

What is Psychosis? What psychosis is and what to do about it.

Psychosis and Mood Information about psychosis for persons with a mood disorder.

Cannabis and Psychosis 2 page fact sheet, pdf format for persons with psychosis or schizophrenia who might be using cannabis / marijuana.

Crystal Methamphetamine and Psychosis Fact sheet on the connection between crystal meth use and psychosis

Postpartum Psychosis (for new moms and their famillies and friends) This fact sheet explains about the type of psychosis a woman can sometimes get shortly after she gives birth and the importance of getting immediate help for the new mother.

Understanding Mental Illness – Psychosis A booklet for children, pdf, designed to be printed double-sided, folded and stapled

When your brother or sister has schizophrenia

Recovery Cup Board Game – A board game for family members of persons with schizophrenia and psychosis and their ill loved one.

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