Advanced Outlook

Helping You Do Good Things BetterA lot of regular users and even avanced users of Outlook and Exchange aren’t aware how fully Outlook can be customized, or the sophistication of outlook applications and uses that are possible.

Sophia Kelly has over a decade of experience designing a wide array of Outlook and Exchange applications and providing expert-level support to Outlook users.

Outlook can be used as a groupware application, making use of the ease of use and general familiarity of staff with the tool to ease adopting new processes and save on the cost of new software.  This tool can be tailored to provide:

  • Sophisticated and customizable contact databases
  • Custom Outlook forms to automate data entry and distribution
  • vbscript and vba form applications that interact with Word and Excel.
  • Fully customizable reporting, with flexible displays to fit each user
  • One place for everyone’s information, for all purposes, yet organized multiple ways so each person can see it the way they need to use it effectively.
  • Automatic follow up reminders and task tracking and reporting
  • Centralized and sophisticated staff, resource, and room scheduling¦.

Contact Sophia Kelly is you would like to:

  • Leverage Outlook’s existing features and customize them to suit your own business processes.
  • Set up security settings permitting varying access to data to suit enterprise needs.
  • Create easy mass mailings with personalized form letters, labels and envelopes
  • Learn how to perform mail and email merges from Outlook data, so keeping separate data files up to date is not required.

Customizations shape the program to fit you for functions like tracking and reporting on time usage, resource scheduling, tracking group actions on shared projects, document management and custom information tracking and distribution. Training, documentation and user manuals available.

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