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Practical and Organized DatabasesHow do you store information now?
How do you use it?
How would you ideally like to use it?

Access & Outlook database applications

Sophia Kelly can help you make your ideal real, within your budget and priorities, from planning to programming and tailoring to fit.

Whether you have an existing or pre-packaged software you would like to fit you better, or need a database created from scratch for the best fit, Sophia Kelly has over 12 years of experience designing and customizing databases and can help.

Do you want a database that your staff are happy to use, with screens and procedures laid out in a practical and helpful way that fits your business processes and saves time?

Usability of databases and websites is very important and is a prime consideration throughout the process.

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Database examples from our portfolio:

  • A database collecting and reporting on program stats for a provincial organization with over twenty remote service locations. Stats were formerly done on paper and not collated, now the organization has compiled data to demonstrate the volume and quality of work they do province-wide
  • Databases for tracking accreditation and program evaluation data
  • Distributed databases for data collection in organizations without an intranet
  • Custom applications using visual basic and VBScript that pair with Microsoft Outlook to perform specialized scheduling, task and workflow management tasks at the touch of a button, in multi-user Exchange environments and standalone applications
  • A custom database that collects membership and payment information and publishes it in custom formats for printing houses and automatic uploads to the website at the touch of a button¦. This database saves hours of data entry, and reduces design costs for a yearly directory publication.
  • A customized database application that allows for scheduling multiple clients and therapists with one another while tracking number of hours per client and therapist, full reporting and viewing and printing the information in dozens of different formats. This database allows the organization to save time reporting to their funders, so they can spend it helping children with autism.
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