Solus Decor Firepit Websites

This international designer and manufacturer of high-end concrete firepits is a long-term client of mine. I design, upgrade, administer and maintain four regional websites for them. The sites are complex and robust, including ecommerce systems that administer multiple currencies, inventory management, complex shipping calculations for these heavy products, and AI generated translation in to multiple languages.  Other features include searchable support document repositories that display relevant documents as required throughout the site with central managment, European cookie legislation compliance, and redirection between websites based on the customer location. The ecommerce launch on one of their websites brought in so much revenue it was equivalent to the work of one experienced salesperson.

Sophia was patient, diligent and meticulous. She got the job done even though we were challenged in providing the details she required. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Sophia. She is outstanding !!
~Brad Carpenter, CEO, Solus Decor

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