Instant Capacity for Non-Profits

Has your organization located funding for a project, but you don’t have the internal capacity (staffing, space, time) to get it up and running? Tailored Tech can help with project implementation,  management and assessment support. We can help you get up and running, or we can take on the complete project implementation, allowing your organization to benefit from the results of a well managed project that serves your constituency and represents your organization in a competent and professional manner.

Some services you can choose from include:

  • Complete turn-key project management – keeping things on time, on task and on budget
  • Staffing contracting and management – we can find you qualified contractors or take on meeting your deliverables and managing all necessary personnel.
  • Ensuring that the program can be evaluated meaningfully to demonstrate results, without spending more time counting than absolutely necessary
  • Creating and administering systems to allow people to work remotely on distributed teams
  • Writing your funding proposal and project plan
  • Working with your staff to determine capacity and what outside resources need to be added

Contact us to discuss your requirements at 604-813-7674 or email