MS Outlook Custom Applications and Training

MS Outlook TrainingA lot of regular users and even advanced users of Outlook and Exchange aren’t aware how fully Outlook can be customized, or the sophistication of Outlook applications and uses that are possible.

Sophia Kelly has over several years experience designing a wide array of Outlook and Exchange applications and providing expert-level support to Outlook users.

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Many businesses already use Outlook for email, but are unaware that Outlook can be used to automate business processes. Because your staff may already be familiar with Outlook, the system may be faster to implement. This will make it easier for your staff to adopt new processes as well as saving on the cost of new software.

Outlook can be tailored to:

  • Help staff keep track of people, tasks and how they spend their time.
  • Provide custom data entry forms and screens.
  • Interact easily with MS Word and Excel
  • Have custom reporting, with flexible displays to fit each user
  • Provide one place for everyone’s information, for all purposes, yet stay flexible so that each person can see it the way they need to use it effectively.
  • Remind staff for key tasks and schedule follow-up
  • Centralize and automate staff, resource, and room scheduling
  • Shape the program to fit you.

Contact Sophia Kelly if you would like to:

  • Make use of your staff’s familiarity with Outlook’s existing features and customize them to suit your own business processes.
  • Train professional clerical or secretarial staff to get more out of Outlook with mail merges, advanced search and custom screen view techniques.

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