Email Administration and Support

Email AdministrationMy clients and their staff can call or email me during business hours whenever they need help.

I help over the phone, send detailed instructions by email, or come to your office to sort things out in person. Save time and money with local support and no waiting on hold. (In person help available in or near Vancouver, Canada) 

I create new accounts, administer passwords and quotas, help with backup, forwarding and out of office responses. I can also help that fiddly problem with your email reader, or help you set up rules to automatically sort your email. 

Whether you use (or want to use) Office 365, Gmail for Business or POP email with email readers like Outlook and Thunderbird, let me make it easy for you to do your job. We can take care of  assigning addresses, permissions  and passwords, backup and archiving, assisting with setup on your users phones, tablets and desktops, and providing support as needed. We can make sure email accounts are secured when staff turnover happens, and that old emails are archived. 

Avoid unproductive delays by making sure your staff have timely, competent and friendly assistance in setting up, managing and using their email accounts, no matter the type of device or platform. Let us take care of any and all technical headaches so you can do what you do best.

Packages and as-needed support available.

Call 604-813-7674 now to get started.