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Web Security Service

Just as you need to back up data on your computer and protect it from viruses, you need to back up your website’s design and information so that it is not lost in case of problems.

Websites live on web servers that you rent space from, usually on a yearly contract. They are continuously connected to the internet, and so vulnerable to attack from hackers, viruses, or accidents like deleting or messing up content and design.

For an affordable monthly retainer, Sophia Kelly of Tailored Tech will monitor your site to make sure it is up and running, free of malware, software is kept up to date (which protects the site from becoming hacked) and backed up on a regular basis to an off site location. Usually the first to know something is wrong, she takes timely action to restore or protect your site as needed.

The service includes restoring your site from backup as required up to once per month, with additional restores available for a small fee. Other technical services are available as required as well, such as email backup and administration, website design updates, or adding additional features to your site.

You will emailed a report on a quarterly or yearly basis detailing the upgrades and monitoring work performed to keep your site safe.

Our basic service is designed for WordPress websites, including Woocommerce ecommerce sites. Please inquire for other site types, or pricing for several sites at once.

Contact us now to get set up to protect your site and keep your business running smoothly at or 604-813-7674 (Vancouver, Canada)

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