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How to work from home (If you really need to work on your work computer rather than a laptop)

Working from home is a good way to help slow down the covid 19 pandemic. The thing is, what do you do when your laptop is not very powerful, or doesn’t have the network or software resources you use at work? What if a document you need now is on your work computer?

If the company you work for is smaller or doesn’t have dedicated IT staff, there may not already be a tool in place to help.

Working on your laptop, while feeling like you are on your work computer

There is a solution that allows you to work on your laptop from home almost exactly as if you were working on your workstation at work. If your work network admins will permit  you to use it, all it takes is installing software on both your workstation and work and your laptop. It doesn’t need a particularly fast connection to the internet and you won’t notice the latency (slow response) that you might experience on other types of remote access. It is also very secure.

Use a mac at home and a pc at work? No problem.

TeamViewer is the same tool tech support staff use to ‘take over’ your computer to help you with a technical problem, but used to let you take over your own computer from your laptop working remotely. You use your mouse and screen and keyboard just as you normally would and can save your documents on your work computer or network the way you normally would. It doesn’t even matter if your laptop is a different operating system than your work computer.

I’ve used it in my own office to allow me to work remotely on my laptop, while still accessing all the software and power of my workstation.

The tool is secure and uses a password to access your workstation. Your work computer has to remain on and connected to the internet for you to be able to use it remotely, but the screen can be turned off.

Need help?

If you or your company would like some help getting set up to work remotely, I can help.  Pricing for the Teamviewer for remote access starts at $20 USD per month on a one year plan. Give me a call at 604-813-7674 and I can help you get set up.

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