Welcomed E-Newsletters

Staying in touch, simplified


Business owners who want to stay in their customer’s thoughts for their next purchase. Non-profits who want to get information out quickly to supporters, donors and constituents and maintain the relationship.


Using an email sending service like MailChimp, Constant Contact or Aweber to maintain contact with your contacts:

  • A good enewsletter service has features to help prevent your newsletters (and email addresses) from being considered spam
  • You don’t need to manually add or remove people from your mailing list. That’s all taken care of.
  • You can have a signup form on your website, and post your past newsletters in an archive.
  • Your emails can use templates with your branding
  • Your emails will look good in the many different software and devices people read their mail
  • Your email newsletter can connect with your ecommerce site and analytics. This allows you to know if someone took action or purchased based on your email.


I can clean and import your existing contact list, set up a template with your branding, connect subscription and unsubscription to your website, set up analytics and train your staff to create and send out professional looking newsletters. For a fixed yearly fee, I can format and send your monthly or quarterly newsletters for you, and synch the newsletter list with your current members or contacts. No time to curate and write content that promotes your brand and activities? Let me do that for you too.


Call 604-813-7674  or email  now for pricing and to get started.


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