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Train Us Up

Website training and support for staff and volunteers

Over the past 20 years, Sophia Kelly of Tailored Tech has worked with many non-profits and small businesses who would like to maintain their own content on their website, training volunteers or staff to complete edits.


Businesses and non-profits who want their staff to know how to update content on their own websites, or who have items on their sites like calendars and newsletters that need to be changed frequently.


Organizations can save money and make routine changes immediately by completing updates in-house. Advanced administrative staff can take on more of the day to day management of websites and communications tools, allowing your organization to respond quickly to challenges and changes.


Most organizations can get staff or volunteers prepared to insert and edit text, add images, change calendars, upload newsletters, and other routine tasks within 1-2 hours of customized training.

Want to do it yourself most of the time, but need extra help from time to time? No problem! Telephone and email support plans are available and affordable for the help you need, right when you need it.


You can opt for professional setup or assistance on an as-needed basis or a monthly plan.

Call 604-813-7674  or email [email protected] now to get started.

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