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Sell it better with a website that showcases your products and makes it easy for customers to buy them online. Get the information you need to process online orders and track online sales easily.


Business owners who want to sell physical products, virtual products or services online. Businesses who want a well designed system their staff can get up to speed on quickly and easily, and who want personal, local support that is specific to your business. Business owners who want to avoid ongoing subscriptions fees. Businesses who need to integrate software that runs their business into their wordpress website such as SalesForce, Quickbooks, Jane App, MindBody, Mailchimp, The Events Calendar or Stripe.


You need to sell your products online, but you need to get up and running fast. It needs to not only be fast and easy for you and your staff, but most of all, convenient and inviting for customers. You need to reach your customers, and encourage them to buy from you now and in the future. Yes, customers can call you, but many don’t want to. They want to see your products and complete their transactions on your website and arrange for pickup or delivery when it’s convenient. 


A beautiful, easy to use online store that displays your products, helps customers find what they want and takes orders and payment quickly and easily. Standard, proven software can be used to set up your entire product line to be sold and shipped online within days. A site to collect orders, accept payment, and calculate shipping automatically and smoothly.


Need to arrange for ads to draw customers to your new way of working? Is it time to build an email newsletter system to keep customers informed and in touch remotely? Do you need an email, google ad or facebook ad campaign set up and managed? Get the right amount of knowledgable help to make your business a success.

Ecommerce Site Tune-Ups

Do you already sell products online? Are you using Woocommerce but need help getting it set up the way you need it? Do you need help optimizing your site for search engines and to do the best job displaying and selling your products?


Sophia Kelly of Tailored Tech is a WordPress web developer with 20+ years of expereince, who can make your site work for you and your business needs. Tailored Tech sets up, design and maintains ecommerce websites in Vancouver, Canada.

Call 604-813-7674  or email  now to get started.


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