Custom Training

Effective Training

Effective training isn’t just about information, it’s about learning. Sophia Kelly has over 12 years of experience developing and delivering custom software training. Brief, focused training teaches learners exactly what they need to learn, in a way that matches their unique learning style.

Custom training is available for Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Outlook), Dropbox and WordPress. We also create custom training and instruction sheets for industry specific software or custom software your organization uses.

Why Custom Training?

Training will:

  • Save you money – by allowing your staff or volunteers to maintain your WordPress website, learning the specific tasks that your site needs done on a regular basis.
  • Prevent the loss of knowledge – document key procedures and best practices, and develop training so that all of your staff do things the way your key employees do, protecting you from staffing turnover.
  • Boost efficiency – avoid frustration, and help staff do their jobs more effectively with less effort.

Find out more

For more information speak to Sophia at 604-255-3450 (M-F 10-6 PST).

Custom Training

Do you you use a custom or industry specific software or database that is poorly supported by it’s developer?

Do you need specific, task-oriented software training rather than a general course?

We can create and deliver completely customized training for individuals or groups, along with specific task-oriented instruction sheets and manuals and on-demand phone support. Delivered locally in Vancouver, BC by a provider who knows your staff’s unique needs and learning styles.

Targeted training saves time and gets you and your staff back to work, knowing what you need to get the job done.

WordPress Training for Non-Profit Staff and Volunteers

WordPress allows for websites to be set up inexpensively and maintained by volunteers or non-technical staff. Tailored Tech has worked with many non-profits who would like to maintain their own content on their website, training volunteers or staff to complete edits.

Most organizations can get staff or volunteers prepared to insert and edit text, add images, change calendars, upload newsletters, and other routine tasks within 1-2 hours of customized training.

Want to do it yourself most of the time, but need extra help from time to time? No problem! Telephone and email support plans are available and affordable for the help you need, right when you need it.
You can opt for professional setup or assistance on an as-needed basis or a monthly plan, in addition to professional backup and updating services to make sure your website stays secure and free from hacking.

WordPress User Training and Coaching

Custom WordPress Training

Fill the gaps in your WordPress knowledge or experience

Custom WordPress training gives you exactly the piece of knowledge you need, when you need it. Do you have a WordPress website you wish you knew how to do more with? Are you wanting to make minor changes yourself and save money on web designer fees? Do you like to be hands on with this important marketing tool?

Just a phone call or meeting away

Learn exactly what you want to learn, on your own schedule, with expert training and support. Ask questions or call for just-in-time help over the phone while you are working.

If you know what you want to do, but are missing pieces of knowledge or experience to make that happen, Sophia Kelly provides supportive coaching and support to get you there.

Call 604-813-7674 for more information

Build Your Own WordPress Website Workshop

WordPress LogoNeed a new website?  Build your own WordPress website from start to finish with expert instruction and support in this two day workshop. No programming knowledge needed. Taught in Vancouver, Canada

DIY WordPress Website Course

  • Walk in with photos and text and walk out with a completed website, optimized to achieve the goals of your business or non-profit group, for a fraction of the cost.
  • You’ll understand how your website works and be able to maintain it yourself.
  • Includes a delicious catered lunch and networking with other participants.

This two day course will guide you step by step through the process of creating your own website to suit your business or non-profit. You will learn and practice the skills to create a website that markets your services and invites action.

  • Set up a hosting account,
  • Create a web marketing strategy,
  • Make and implement design decisions,
  • Customize a template to fit  your brand,
  • Create and edit pages, and add pictures and video.
  • Learn how to maintain and back up your own site.

This workshop is small, with lots of individual attention, and where possible is organized by industry or focus to facilitate networking among classmates over lunch.

Cost: $300

Prerequisites / Requirements: Laptop (bring your own or rent), basic computer literacy and proficiency with common computer software, such as the ability to edit a word document or send and email with an attachment.

Contact us for more detail at 604-813-7674 or email

Class size is limited to 8, so register now to reserve your spot.

Upcoming Courses

Busy on these dates? Let us know and we’ll put a list together for other dates.

  • April 4-5  — WordPress Build a Website in Two Days
  • May 2-3  — WordPress Build a Website in Two Days

Specialty Courses

  • For Therapists in Private Practice
  • For Entrepreneurs
  • For Non-Profit Staff
  • Custom course for your staff, group, club, conference or organization team

Add On Services

Professional photography: Get professional head shot photos taken for your website that build confidence in your brand. If shot prior to the course, photos will be delivered ready for the web to incorporate into your website during the workshop.

Professional writing, copy editing and proofreading: Need proofreading or copy editing for the text of your site? Need someone to write web-ready text for your site? Writing, editing and proofreading services are available both in advance of the workshop (so you’re all ready to go) and editing and proofreading services available afterward. Hourly or per word cost applies.

Can you do it for me?

Do you need something too fancy for an introductory workshop? Do you have a lot of pages or images to upload? No problem! You can create the basic structure and we can take it from there, or we can build it for you from the ground up. WordPress customization, design and content creation services are available, along with monthly backup and upgrade services to keep your site safe.

Fine print:

The resulting website will be a WordPress website, from one of your choice of several pre-selected well-designed, mobile-ready templates. You will customize and set up your chosen template during the course. You will type in or paste in your own text, and upload your own images, or purchase and upload stock images.  Additional customization, and programming and design services beyond the scope of the course is available for an additional charge. If you do not already have a web hosting service, you will set that up during the first portion of the course. A credit card or PayPal account will be required to pay for these services, which are not included in course cost.

MS Outlook Custom Applications and Training

MS Outlook TrainingA lot of regular users and even advanced users of Outlook and Exchange aren’t aware how fully Outlook can be customized, or the sophistication of Outlook applications and uses that are possible.

Sophia Kelly has over several years experience designing a wide array of Outlook and Exchange applications and providing expert-level support to Outlook users.

Call now to discuss your organization’s needs at
604-813-7674 (10 am-6 pm weekdays, Pacific Standard Time)

Many businesses already use Outlook for email, but are unaware that Outlook can be used to automate business processes. Because your staff may already be familiar with Outlook, the system may be faster to implement. This will make it easier for your staff to adopt new processes as well as saving on the cost of new software.

Outlook can be tailored to:

  • Help staff keep track of people, tasks and how they spend their time.
  • Provide custom data entry forms and screens.
  • Interact easily with MS Word and Excel
  • Have custom reporting, with flexible displays to fit each user
  • Provide one place for everyone’s information, for all purposes, yet stay flexible so that each person can see it the way they need to use it effectively.
  • Remind staff for key tasks and schedule follow-up
  • Centralize and automate staff, resource, and room scheduling
  • Shape the program to fit you.

Contact Sophia Kelly if you would like to:

  • Make use of your staff’s familiarity with Outlook’s existing features and customize them to suit your own business processes.
  • Train professional clerical or secretarial staff to get more out of Outlook with mail merges, advanced search and custom screen view techniques.

Call now to discuss your organization’s needs at
604-813-7674 (10 am -6 pm weekdays Pacific Standard Time)