Training – WordPress, Outlook, MS Office and Custom

Effective Training

Effective training isn’t just about information, it’s about learning. Sophia Kelly has over 12 years of experience developing and delivering custom software training. Brief, focused training teaches learners exactly what they need to learn, in a way that matches their unique learning style.

Custom training is available for Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Outlook), Dropbox and WordPress. We also create custom training and instruction sheets for industry specific software or custom software your organization uses.

Why Custom Training?

Training will:

  • Save you money – by allowing your staff or volunteers to maintain your WordPress website, learning the specific tasks that your site needs done on a regular basis.
  • Prevent the loss of knowledge – document key procedures and best practices, and develop training so that all of your staff do things the way your key employees do, protecting you from staffing turnover.
  • Boost efficiency – avoid frustration, and help staff do their jobs more effectively with less effort.

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WordPress Training for Non-Profit Staff and Volunteers

Most organizations can get staff or volunteers prepared to insert and edit text, add images, change calendars, upload newsletters, and other routine tasks within 1-2 hours of customized training.

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WordPress User Training and Coaching

Custom WordPress training and coaching for hands on entrepreneurs. Learn what you want to learn, how you learn, to change or maintain your website.

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Build Your Own WordPress Website Workshop

Need a new website? Build your own from start to finish with expert instruction and support in this two day workshop. No programming knowledge needed.

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MS Outlook Custom Applications and Training

A lot of regular users and even advanced users of Outlook and Exchange aren’t aware how fully Outlook can be customized, or the sophistication of Outlook applications and uses that are possible.

Sophia Kelly has over several years experience designing a wide array of Outlook and Exchange applications and providing expert-level support to Outlook users.

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