WordPress Workshops and WordPress User Training

WordPress workshops and WordPress user training to make and maintain your own website. Benefit from 17 years of experience helping non-profits and entrepreneurs market themselves through the web. Create your own website with skilled help to do it well. We teach how you learn, with small classes and lots of individual attention. And networking over a delicious lunch. Making your own website was never so easy and comfortable.

WordPress Training for Non-Profit Staff and Volunteers

Most organizations can get staff or volunteers prepared to insert and edit text, add images, change calendars, upload newsletters, and other routine tasks within 1-2 hours of customized training.

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WordPress User Training and Coaching

Custom WordPress training and coaching for hands on entrepreneurs. Learn what you want to learn, how you learn, to change or maintain your website.

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Build Your Own WordPress Website Workshop

Need a new website? Build your own from start to finish with expert instruction and support in this two day workshop. No programming knowledge needed.

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