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The Guided DIY

For Hands On Website Owners

The Guided DIY gives you the best of all possible worlds. Set your website up your way, and benefit from 20 years of experience from a skilled WordPress website developer and trainer for advice, training and support.


Entrepreneurs who learn by doing and want to shape and reshape their website to make it fit but want support and advice to make their site effective and functional. Website owners who want web coaching or help as needed for more complicated features or rough patches.


You may have built your site yourself, and love it… except for a few things.


Let me lift you over the rough patches by adding features you need such as online payment processing, web forms, email newsletters, or search engine optimization.  Need a redesign? Let me select a short list of well designed, mobile friendly, fast to load themes that won’t cause you any trouble for you to choose from. Just need a local, knowlegeable and friendly someone to call for help when you’re stuck? I can do that too.


We talk about what you need, I tell you how much time I think it will take. We agree on a yearly retainer for a set number of hours. After the retainer is in place, you call me when you need a small task or some help.

Call 604-813-7674  or email now to get started. Sophia Kelly is a WordPress website developer with 20+ years of experience based in Vancouver, Canada.


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