Project Management

Add new projects without new staff

Project Management for Small Business

Do you have a great new opportunity but don’t want to increase the workload of existing managment staff? Take on new projects without adding to your plate. Sophia Kelly can make sure your project’s deliverables are met on time and on budget.

Project Management, Design and Evaluation for Non-Profit Organizations

Sophia Kelly of Tailored Tech offers program planning, project management and assessment for non-profits. Professional and experienced, with over 11 years experience designing, managing and evaluating multi-year projects with budgets up to a quarter million dollars a year. See case studies below for examples of the award winning projects managed from proposal through execution, evaluation and even presentation at academic conferences.

Has your organization located funding for a project, but you don’t have the internal capacity to get it up and running? Tailored Tech can get it off the ground for you, make sure your funders are satisfied, effectiveness data is collected and your project helps your target constituents, all without increasing the workload of your existing staff.

For more information, speak to Sophia Kelly at Tailored Tech at 604-813-7674 (Vancouver, Canada)
Hours: 10am -6pm weekdays, PST

Sophia has helped us maximize the use of our website, greatly improving communications internally between our provincial network of members, staff and volunteers, as well as externally with professionals and the general public. She has helped us quantify and evaluate our services by being available to assist provincial staff with technical matters.

In addition, she has done an excellent job of managing a number of important projects, always doing excellent work that is completed in a timely fashion.

An intelligent and clear communicator, Sophia has provided valuable advice and generous assistance far above and beyond what can be written in a formal contract.

I would highly recommend her services to anyone.
~Jane Duval, Executive Director, BC Schizophrenia Society

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