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Fix It Please

Site or software missing something?

Many of my clients come to me with a website  or other system that meets most of their needs but is missing something they want.  Did you buy a new website, database or software system and then realize it needs some changes to fit your needs? Or find you don’t have the capacity to learn how to use it or set it up? Do you need to integrate business and ecommerce software such as SalesForce, Quickbooks, Jane App, MindBody, Mailchimp, The Events Calendar or Stripe into your WordPress website?

Make it Fit You

I love tailoring existing systems and sites to fit you better. Let’s talk about what you want and need and let me save you work and make the most of your investment.

Buy Right

Considering spending a bunch of money on a new website, email system or file storage system? Let me look over the options for you and advise you on what will fit your people and needs best, for the right price. With 20 years of experience, I can help make sure your investment is a success and prevent wasted money and effort that comes from the wrong choice or implementation. You look like a hero.

It’s Missing Something

Common things people ask me to add to their sites:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Online donations or membership renewals
  • Adding calls to action to  help clients do what you want them to do with the site.
  • Reworking site design to fix issues you’ve discovered when using it
  • Solving that setup issue or change you just couldn’t figure out how to do and couldn’t find in the manual
  • Providing training or documentation for staff on the new system, specific to your business.

Get It Fixed

I will interview you (and if necessary, your staff) to find out where your current site or software doesn’t fit or doesn’t work and what shape it needs to be to work well for you. Then we approve a plan to change it, tailor it or add the pieces it needs.

Sophia Kelly is a highly experienced WordPress website developer based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Call 604-813-7674  or email  now to get started.

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