About Tailored Tech

Sophia Kelly is the the owner and lead consultant with Tailored Tech. She has been helping non-profit and business clients do good things better since 1997.

How to book an appointment
Call us at 604-813-7674 or email sophia@goodthingsbetter.com Our office is in beautiful east Vancouver, BC Canada. Office hours are from 10 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday, Pacific Standard Time. We will be happy to hear from you.

Imagine it better

Imagine your organization humming with productive activity. You have happy clients and staff. Your projects achieve their goals, on time and on budget.

If you head a non-profit, the people that fund your organization see and understand you are making effective use of donations because you provide them with stats and reports that make sense and show clearly the good work you are doing.

You could be doing good things, even better, with less effort than before.

Tailored Tech Values

I have been helping non-profit and entrepreneur clients do good things better since the mid 1990s. I am experienced and practical, and enjoy getting useful things done.
These are the values I have worked by in over 20 years of business.

-Sophia Kelly, owner, Tailored Tech

  1. Know your client and their workers – what they need, what their problems are from their perspective. Find out how they think, what their learning style is, how they process and interact with information, so you can communicate most effectively with them.
  2. Be interested in how they do things now and why. Find out what works and what doesn’t, and why the client thinks that is so.
  3. Build trust. Listen. Own your mistakes if you make them and resolve them immediately. Under-promise and over-deliver. Demonstrate that you have done all this.
  4. Be paid fairly for your work. Document and sign off. Be retained and then deliver. Hold the client responsible for their part but take the rest off their hands and make it all better.
  5. Be compassionate. Be honest. Be direct and frank. Own your expertise and give clear advice.
  6. Make technology less complicated and less scary. Help organizations change in compassionate and helpful ways which are worth the effort.
  7. Recommend the least invasive solution that will work, solve the problem and disrupt the clients workflow the least. Right-sized, appropriate technology is often a better fit than a flashy, radical change.
  8. Listen, synergize information you receive from the client and pull in other information to find a solution that fits.
  9. Solve problems. Think about marketing and design impact from the perspective of the clients customers and stakeholders. Shape everything to meet the goal along the way.
  10. Write clearly. Explain things well. Plan for being able to measure results easily and effectively.
  11. Work should not feel like a bureaucracy. Keep your eyes on actually making a difference and helping people in practical ways.
  12. Support strengths. Find the gems and assets that already exist and expand their use and impact. Document existing best practices and expand them.
  13. Help people do good things better.

Recommendations from Clients

Sophia has helped us maximize the use of our website, greatly improving communications internally between our provincial network of members, staff and volunteers, as well as externally with professionals and the general public. She has helped us quantify and evaluate our services by being available to assist provincial staff with technical matters.

In addition, she has done an excellent job of managing a number of important projects, always doing excellent work that is completed in a timely fashion.

An intelligent and clear communicator, Sophia has provided valuable advice and generous assistance far above and beyond what can be written in a formal contract.

I would highly recommend her services to anyone.
~Jane Duval, Executive Director, BC Schizophrenia Society

Sophia was patient, diligent and meticulous. She got the job done even though we were challenged in providing the details she required. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Sophia. She is outstanding !!
~Brad Carpenter, CEO, Solus Decor

“Since before we even started our business, Sophia’s support has been invaluable.  She set up our database, developed systems for us to manage our e-communications, made it easier for us to manage our website content, and has generally been our number one go-to person for troubleshooting of our computer problems.  She is extremely knowledgeable and generous with her skills.  In the five years that we have operated Rhizome Cafe, it has meant the world to us to know that we can call on her when we need her.”

~Lisa Moore, Coordinator/Co-Owner, Rhizome Cafe

“Sophia helped my landscape business in a big way this past Spring. She improved my website and helped me stayed connected with social media. I would strongly recommend her to anyone needing to reach their clients more effectively.”

~Kyle Duperron, Yardbarbers Landscaping Ltd.

“Sophia assisted us with building and maintaining our databases. She is knowledgeable, professional, precise and efficient. She managed to tailor her services to meet our unique needs and always provided timely support when we needed follow up help.  ”

Ai Li Lim – Executive Director, Staff Lawyer, West Coast Domestic Workers’ Association.

“I first worked with Sophia when she graciously donated her time to improve both the appearance and the functionality of the Women’s Spirituality Celebration’s website. I was so impressed with her expertise and her patience that I then contracted her to assist me with the setup of my website www.sacredcirclesbook.com. I could not have done it without her.”

~Jonina Kirton poet/facilitator


Program Evaluation Results Presented at International Conference

IEPA logo

Sophia Kelly of Tailored Tech managed the ReachOut Psychosis program since early in the program’s development through spring 2017. She oversaw many improvements. These included initiating and formalizing evaluation of the program’s impact on knowledge and behaviour among students and schools. Her evaluation work was recognized in a poster presentation at the International Early Psychosis Intervention Association conference in 2012 in San Francisco, an academic and clinical conference.  The results of the evaluation show that this presentation has measurable affects that shorten time between onset of symptoms, identification and referral to effective supports. Rapid access to treatment for psychosis that has been shown to have a direct impact on how fast and how completely youth with this brain condition recover.

This program uses very sophisticated entertainment tools to promote the accurate, science based message that psychosis is a brain condition that requires immediate medical attention, and provides  youth with the tools they need to get that help quickly. Speed in recognizing and treating youth psychosis has been shown to make a huge difference on outcomes.

The abstract of her presentation is on page 70 of the document linked here.


About Sophia Kelly

Sophia KellySince 1997, Sophia Kelly has been helping non-profit organizations and local businesses do the good things they do better with database, website, technology and project management services.

Sophia Kelly can be reached at 604-813-7674 or sophia@goodthingsbetter.com

Her office is in beautiful East Vancouver, BC Canada.
Office hours are from 10 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday, Pacific Standard Time.

Service Offerings

Project planning, project management, workflow streamlining and tailoring, WordPress website customization, maintenance and training, research, logic modelling, evaluation and databases. Sophia Kelly offers a suite of services to help you do good things, better.

About Sophia Kelly

Sophia Kelly has been in private consulting practice, based in Vancouver, since 2000. Prior to that she worked for other companies in software training, database management, IT consulting and web design in Montreal and Vancouver. She also has specialized training in linguistics and arts therapy.

She is rooted in her community – she founded a solar energy installation company, and is an active volunteer.

More details and CV can be viewed on LinkedIn


Sophia Kelly has won an award for environmentally friendly business practices, and have managed award winning programs. [awards details]

ReachOut Project Wins Award

smalltotemThe ReachOut Psychosis program, managed by Sophia Kelly, won the Schizophrenia Society of Canada Initiatives/Programs of Excellence Award for 2008.

Tailored Tech (formerly Sophia Kelly Data Web and Project Consulting) has been involved with the ReachOut psychosis project almost since it’s inception. As project manager, Sophia Kelly has coordinated rapid expansion of the program, which provides important early intervention education to psychosis onset age youth, embedded in a rock concert and spoken word presentation. The program reaches over 24000 youth per year with information that helps get young people with emerging psychosis to medical help fast. Early medical treatment has been shown to dramatically improve outcomes for this condition. In addition to the Programs of Excellence award, a video about the project ( http://www.reachoutpsychosis.com ) was featured at the 6th International Conference on Early Psychosis October 22-24 in Melbourne, Australia.

Tailored Tech manages program staff, conducts program planning, and evaluation and provides  communications and marketing services, including print, stage and web media for this project. Our client, the BC Schizophrenia Society, is provided with a high-quality, continually evaluated and improved program, on budget and meetingor exceeding project goals.

Sophia Kelly Wins Environmental Stewardship Award

doing good things better and betterSophia Kelly Technology Tailoring (now Tailored Tech) won the 2006 Environmental Stewardship Excellence Award from the GLBA. The other nominees were two environmental organizations doing great work – The Cooperative Auto Network and Better Environmentally Sound Tranportation.

Tailored Tech’s owner, Sophia Kelly was awarded the prize in recognition of many years of service to the environmental movement, including most recently co-founding the Vancouver Renewable Energy Cooperative, a workers cooperative and nonprofit which sells and installs solar energy systems. She also practices environmental conservation in her business and transportation practices.