Case Studies

Please scroll down for some examples of the diverse and high profile projects Tailored Tech has implemented for non-profit organizations. For more information on other projects, including IT projects, please see the recommendations and awards section.

Case Study: Project Management: ReachOut Psychosis Concert Tour

Tailored Tech redeveloped this extremely successful program and managed it for 10 years (though March 2017). Performing turnkey management, Tailored Tech took care of all the funding proposals, meetings and reporting, hired and supervised all staff and contractors, oversaw and evaluated the program to make sure it met it’s objectives on time and on budget.

The objectives were (and are) important: save the lives and futures of young British Columbians by making them aware of a serious treatable brain condition and how to get help.  Reaching 20,000 youth across BC each year, the program used an edutainment  presentation format that got results, identifying young people with the beginnings of the condition and getting them to effective help.

During Sophia Kelly’s tenure as project manager, the program won a national programs of excellence award, and was featured at three international academic conferences. The unique format is being studied for implementation in other regions of Canada and around the world.

Please click on the presentation poster at right, created by Tailored Tech for the International Early Psychosis Intervention Association Annual Conference,  for more information.  (Note the format of the poster was a 8′ x 4′ academic poster size and has been reduced for easier viewing. )

Case Study: Online Support Group Project

Sophia Kelly of Tailored Tech implemented and managed the Family Member online support group system for the British Columbia Schizophrenia Society and HereToHelp.

The system provides a place for loved ones of persons with a serious mental illness a place to ask questions, get referrals and share their experiences with others.

The technical aspects of the project include a confidentiality-enhanced login system, spam control, friendly reminders to inactive members, and complete French (as well as English) language support at the option of the user. The multi-language interface included separate formatting and content design details specific to each language, including sponsor logos. The project marketing was also handled by Tailored Tech, including opt-in family resource email newsletters and a calendar of in-person support event. The entire project was managed with excellent evaluation and under budget.

Has your organization located funding for a project, but you don’t have the internal capacity to get it up and running? Tailored Tech can help with project implementation,  management and assessment support.

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Recovery Cup Educational Board Game

This board game was created to help families that people recovering from psychosis and their family learn about self care and managing the illness in recovery. By playing the game as a family, all family members can learn how to reduce stress and other environmental factors to promote recovery.

Engaging the whole family in a creative task can be helpful to get people of different ages and abilities working together as a team. It was developed as part of a project for the BC Schizophrenia Society and BC Partners for Mental Health and Addictions Information, with consultation from staff at the Fraser South Early Psychosis Intervention program.

Please see below for a link to the game on the BC Schizophrenia Society website. Sophia Kelly of Tailored Tech created the concept, game board, cards, rules and assembly instructions, along with all related design. Sophia has professional graduate-level training  and experience as an art therapist, and used that training and experience to design the game. Her work on the Recovery Cup was featured in the May 2006 BC Art Therapy Association Journal

With the instructions and files linked below, families and professionals will be able to create their own physical copy of the game to use.

In 2016 we were hired to create a first nations adapted version of the game. The files are below:

Technical Writing Sample – Evidence Based Public Fact Sheets

As part of a project to provide accessible information for the general public, families and persons with psychosis, Sophia Kelly was contracted to write a number of fact sheets on psychosis in for the BC Schizophrenia Society.

The challenge here was to write technically accurate, evidence based health information which was at a reading level for public use. These fact sheets were reviewed by psychiatric professionals who were experts in the topic areas, as well as family members of persons with mental illnesses. The writing, layout and design was completed by Sophia Kelly as part of the contract.

To follow are the links to the completed files . Continue reading Technical Writing Sample – Evidence Based Public Fact Sheets

Family Peer Support Buddy Program

This project is a programme that matches family members of persons with a serious mental illness with one another for one-on-one support. Sophia Kelly designed the program for the BC Schizophrenia Society, then piloted, documented and evaluated the pilot, and designed embedded ongoing evaluation. The program matched family members of persons with a serious mental illness with one another for one-on-one support.

The program deliverables included guides, procedures and forms for program coordinators and volunteers. Sophia  Kelly also oversaw the piloting of this highly successful program in four regions in BC in the spring of 2006. NEW: This program has now been adopted in several regions in BC, and is being considered in other parts of Canada and in New Zealand. See Buddy Program for more details.

Materials were designed to be easily adapted and included emailable evaluation materials. The logic model diagram for the program shows how the assessment of the program was built in to the structure. Here’s a link to the complete program materials.