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Procedure Manuals

  • Do you have a series of policy and procedure documents of varying ages, and aren’t sure which to use? Are some more up to date than others?
  • Are you wanting to be consistent in publicizing and enforcing your organization’s procedures?
  • Do you need to demonstrate compliance with certain criteria or goals?
  • Would you like to protect your organization from liability concerns and staffing turnover by making sure procedures are correct and up to date?
  • Do you have a key staff member leaving, with all of your organizational knowledge still in their head?

Let Sophia Kelly of Tailored Tech interview key staff, take your notes and documents off your hands and return a professional, complete and useful manual for your organization.

Let Sophia assist you with:

  • Sourcing or creating missing information
  • Identifying missing pieces in existing documentation
  • Interviewing key staff about actual business procedures for documentation or modification.
  • Making language and format consistent and ensuring consistent or updated branding
  • Creating forms and procedure sheets for staff and public use, written in an easy to use manner.
  • Formatting the resulting product for web or intranet use and print
  • Formulating no-hassle ongoing evaluation of results.

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