Web content writing

Website Content Writing

Text in print brochures or documents does not usually translate well to the web. Website writing is more like newspaper article writing – it is most effective when the most important information is at top, and the reader clicks on links to get more details. As well, a clear call to action helps ensure that people visiting your site take action to contact you, buy or donate. Writing must also be SEO optimized to feature terms that will help the right people find you, while still reading well and not speaking down to your audience.

Sophia Kelly can translate your existing materials for the web or write new ones from scratch that achieve results.

Blog and Social Media Content Writing

Regular, interesting stories and posts about your business or your industry or topic can draw potential customers to your site. Content can be included in newsletters to remind your clients and leads about you, put on blogs to keep your site fresh and improve your search rankings. However, to work, this content must be added on a regular basis, daily, weekly or monthly depending on your goals. For a monthly fee or by piece, I can keep you supplied with well-written, interesting stories that are more than marketing fluff.

Please review the portfolio  under ‘web content’ for examples

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