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Do it yourself web design with help

I love entrepreneurs. Independent, creative thinkers, and do-it-yourselfers, many of whom learn by doing and decide what they want by working on getting there. Many entrepreneurs want to design their own websites themselves. I often come into their lives when they have hit a roadblock between what they want to create and what they have the ability to do easily.

Their site might be too slow, or lack features they need. They may want to add an e-newsletter or the ability to take and track orders online. They may be concerned that they aren’t getting enough traffic and want some help with ad campaigns or search engine optimization.

They may just need me to show them how to do this one thing that’s driving them nuts and they can’t figure out. They want to be able to call me for help when they are in the middle of a web design task and just get stuck.

I do all of those things. Sometimes I also recommend other improvements that they might not know were possible or helpful.  I bill for time worked, rounded up to the nearest 15 minutes for each call or email. 

I love my job. I love helping entrepreneurs figure out how to make their businesses work, and I love seeing all the diverse ways people work and think.

Here is more information on my do-it-yourself web design support and coaching services.  I also offer a DIY website in a weekend workshop where class members build a useful, quality website for their business, blog or organization from start to finish with experienced, expert instruction and personalized support. .

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