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Why hire a professional blogger to write content for your website?

Because professionally written blog posts and web content will be interesting, well-written, on time and optimized for the web. It will include phrases your best clients search for, answer questions they have and present your business in a positive light.

Because your staff are not professional writers and will take a long time, tying them up from doing what they do best.

When you hire me on a monthly basis to write content for your blog or newsletter, I will learn your business and your preferred style and anticipate what information your best customers search for. Consistency in marketing is important – putting out new blog posts or newsletters on a regular schedule weekly or monthly will give your website and visiblility steady momentum. Expect to invest in six months or more to see results.

What do professionally written web pages and blog posts cost?

Pricing starts from $100, and varies from there based on length and purpose. In general pieces requiring research, which are longer, or which perform key functions on your website (like your home page or an ad landing page) cost more. Based on your needs and goals I can also put together a monthly package of content for a fixed monthly retainer.

What about Ghostwriting?

Do you have a speech coming up, or need to write an article for the chamber of commerce newsletter? No problem. I will interview you on your expertise and then write it for you. You can adapt the finished piece to reflect how you speak or write and then use it as your own with my blessing.

Getting Started

More information on my services is below, or just give me a call at 604-813-7674. I’d love to hear about your project.

Stack of colourful books

Procedure Manuals

Your knowledge, complete and clear

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Research and Writing

Evidence based, easy to understand

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Technical Writing

Clear, readable, effective text

Web & Social Content Writing

Web & Social Content Writing

Clear SEO ready text for the web

Welcomed E-Newsletters

Welcomed E-Newsletters

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