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Website Design and Optimization with Business Analysis

Technology Tailoring website designs are characterized by their practical, effective designs, that take into account your audience and business needs.

Business Analysis = your website does what it is supposed to, period.

Sophia Kelly combines knowledge and experience with knowing what questions to ask to uncover your customers needs as well as your organizational priorities. Then we make sure every page of your website is part of getting those needs and priorities satisfied.

Call 604-813-7674 to get started. 

Easy To Maintain, But You Don’t Have To

These sites are quick and easy to keep up to date, allowing you to add information yourself if you wish.  You can create your own text, or contract us to do the writing as well. Maintenance services are also available to make sure your site remains healthy, backed up and well maintained.

Do you want to focus on your core business? 

Let us take it off your hands and complete the work professionally.

Are you a hands-on person?

Get training and support to make your website look and work how you want it to.

Websites Designed to Work Hard

We create websites that realize your goals: increase revenue, and spread information to your target audience. Services range from a tune up to a complete design overhaul. We won’t try to sell you more than you need to get the job done. Design companies that lack business analysis may make a very pretty website – that does not achieve your goals. We want your new site to do more than look pretty. Every change is optimized to meet your business goals: more purchases, calls and emails from qualified customers or donors. Non-profits, if you need to spread key information to target populations, we will make sure your target visitors not only find and use what you provide, but that we can count them for reporting.

Imagine your ideal website

  • Professional looking – Clean, crisp and easy to use.
  • Designed with your marketing or operational goals first – So no tiny grey text your customers can’t read, no matter how pretty it is…
  • Search Engine Optimized – If you build it right, the right people will come.

Imagine it easy…

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Website Malware Prevention, Upgrade, Monitoring and Backup Service

Just as you need to back up data on your computer and protect it from viruses, you need to back up your website’s design and information so that it is not lost in case of problems.

Websites live on web servers that you rent space from, usually on a yearly contract. They are continuously connected to the internet, and so vulnerable to attack from hackers, viruses, or accidents like deleting or messing up content and design.

For an affordable monthly retainer, Sophia Kelly of Tailored Tech will monitor your site to make sure it is up and running, free of malware, software is kept up to date (which protects the site from becoming hacked) and backed up on a regular basis to an off site location. Usually the first to know something is wrong, she takes timely action to restore or protect your site as needed.

The service includes restoring your site from backup as required up to once per month, with additional restores available for a small fee. Other technical services are available as required as well, such as email backup and administration, website design updates, or adding additional features to your site.

You will emailed a report on a quarterly or yearly basis detailing the upgrades and monitoring work performed to keep your site safe.

Our basic service is designed for WordPress websites, including Woocommerce ecommerce sites. Please inquire for other site types, or pricing for several sites at once.

Contact us now to get set up to protect your site and keep your business running smoothly at sophia@goodthingsbetter.com or 604-813-7674 (Vancouver, Canada)

Woocommerce Ecommerce Website Setup and Design

Want or need to sell your physical products or services online? Tailored Tech can help add this ability to your business website.

Tailored Tech sets up, design and maintains ecommerce websites in Vancouver, Canada.

Do you sell products online? Are you already using Woocommerce but need help getting it set up the way you need it? Do you need help optimizing it to do the best job displaying and selling your products?

Do you have a wordpress website for your business but want to expand into selling physical or virtual products or information online?

Tailored Tech can make your site work for you and your business needs.

Call now to get started: 604-813-7674



Things I do for my clients (that aren’t obvious)

The things my clients find most valuable aren’t that easy to put in a business description.

  • Investigate options they are considering with an educated, experienced eye, giving them a neutral evaluation of vendors, technologies or solutions.
  • Discover what they know about their best clients and what makes them happy, and apply that go the given situation for them, making educated targeted recommendations.
  • Save money and time for their business and staff by finding efficiencies and easier ways of doing things.
  • Find out from their staff the honest truth about what practices are actually working, actually used and actually found valuable. Similarly finding out who the key staff are to make sure a project is successful and what they need to support them.
  • Help them prioritize their wants and needs based on their most important goals.
  • Enable them to let go of ongoing worry about important projects or sales tools by taking it off their hands, performing it competently and demonstrating success.
  • Enable non-profits to focus on serving their constituencies, by looking after planning and collecting evaluation data and writing to-the-point reports to demonstrate value to funders.

I offer a free initial consultation. Call 604-813-7674 to get started.

WordPress Training for Non-Profit Staff and Volunteers

WordPress allows for websites to be set up inexpensively and maintained by volunteers or non-technical staff. Tailored Tech has worked with many non-profits who would like to maintain their own content on their website, training volunteers or staff to complete edits.

Most organizations can get staff or volunteers prepared to insert and edit text, add images, change calendars, upload newsletters, and other routine tasks within 1-2 hours of customized training.

Want to do it yourself most of the time, but need extra help from time to time? No problem! Telephone and email support plans are available and affordable for the help you need, right when you need it.
You can opt for professional setup or assistance on an as-needed basis or a monthly plan, in addition to professional backup and updating services to make sure your website stays secure and free from hacking.