Website Design and Optimization with Business Analysis

Technology Tailoring website designs are characterized by their practical, effective designs, that take into account your audience and business needs.

Easy to Maintain

easy to maintain websites

These sites are quick and easy to keep up to date, allowing you to add information yourself if you wish.  You can create your own text, or contract us to do the writing as well. Maintenance services are also available to make sure your site remains healthy, backed up and well maintained.

Design Process

We create websites that realize your goals: increase revenue, and spread information to your target audience. Services range from a tune up to a complete design overhaul. We won’t try to sell you more than you need to get the job done. Design companies that lack business analysis may make a very pretty website – that does not achieve your goals. We want your new site to do more than look pretty. Every change is optimized to meet your business goals: more purchases, calls and emails from qualified customers or donors. Non-profits, if you need to spread key information to target populations, we will make sure your target visitors not only find and use what you provide, but that we can count them for reporting.

Imagine your ideal website

  • Professional looking
  • Designed with your marketing or operational goals first.
  • Search Engine Optimized

Imagine it easy…

  • Imagine every page on your website optimized to meet your core goals.
  • Imagine a website that looks professional, is easy to update and stays focused on doing it’s job:  raising credibility with your clients or donors, answering frequently asked questions and helping people connect with you to purchase or donate.
  • Imagine an event calendar that is always up to date
  • Imagine online donation that works easily
  • Imagine an online newsletter that manages itself
  • Imagine a website designed to meet the needs and abilities of your target audience: readable, usable, easy to find information, directing people to where you want them to go.

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