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The Makeover / Tune Up

Do Good Things, Better

Freshen up, redesign, streamline and optimize your WordPress website with a new look, new layout or new and improved features.


Established businesses and non-profits who want a faster, better website that is beautiful, professional and gets results. Owners of WordPress websites which need new features like an online store or booking software. Business owners who want to integrate software like SalesForce, Quickbooks, Jane App, MindBody, Mailchimp, The Events Calendar or Stripe into their WordPress website.  Website owners whose website is slow and out of date in look and function.


Websites can get bloated, slow and stale over time. Things that were a good idea at first stopped working, or years of maintenance by admin staff can leave it lacklustre and hard to navigate. You might want to add a mailing list, process payments, sell products, or add a secure member only area.  Your visitors might find it hard to find what they want and need, and to take action. We can clean up and improve the look and function of your existing website, and relaunch with a brand new face.


Anything you want. We can make a few changes to spruce things up (just a trim…)  or give a brand new, faster, cleaner look and feel.


We start with an interview to get clear on your goals and needs. I provide you with a proposal and we agree on scope and deliverables. You provide a deposit and I begin work. I generally stage a copy of your site so you can see and approve the changes before they go live. 

Call 604-813-7674  or email now to get started.

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