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Build Your Own WordPress Website Workshop

Need a new website for your small business, community non-profit or club on a budget?   Build your own WordPress website from start to finish with expert instruction and support in this two day workshop. No programming knowledge needed. Taught in Vancouver, Canada

DIY WordPress Website Course

  • Walk in with photos and text and walk out with a completed website, optimized to achieve the goals of your business or non-profit group, for a fraction of the cost.
  • You’ll understand how your website works and be able to maintain it yourself.
  • Includes a delicious catered lunch and networking with other participants.

This two day course will guide you step by step through the process of creating your own website to suit your business or non-profit. You will learn and practice the skills to create a website that markets your services and invites action.

  • Set up a hosting account,
  • Create a web marketing strategy,
  • Make and implement design decisions,
  • Customize a template to fit  your brand,
  • Create and edit pages, and add pictures and video.
  • Learn how to maintain and back up your own site.

This workshop is small, with lots of individual attention, and where possible is organized by industry or focus to facilitate networking among classmates over lunch.

Two days are available, with most of the setup done as a group on the first day, with optional individual work with support on the second day.

Cost: $300

Prerequisites / Requirements: Laptop (bring your own or rent), basic computer literacy and proficiency with common computer software, such as the ability to edit a word document or send and email with an attachment.

Contact us for more detail at 604-813-7674  or email sophia@goodthingsbetter.com

Class size is limited to 8, so register now to reserve your spot.

Upcoming Courses

Busy on these dates? Let us know and we’ll put a list together for other dates.

  • November 14-15 (Thursday-Friday) Vancouver 9am – 5pm
  • December 13-14 (Thursday-Friday) Vancouver 9am- 5pm

Specialty Courses

  • For Therapists in Private Practice
  • For Entrepreneurs
  • For Non-Profit Staff
  • Custom course for your staff, group, club, conference or organization team

Add On Services

Professional photography: Get professional head shot photos taken for your website that build confidence in your brand. If shot prior to the course, photos will be delivered ready for the web to incorporate into your website during the workshop.

Professional writing, copy editing and proofreading: Need proofreading or copy editing for the text of your site? Need someone to write web-ready text for your site? Writing, editing and proofreading services are available both in advance of the workshop (so you’re all ready to go) and editing and proofreading services available afterward. Hourly or per word cost applies.

Can you do some (or all) of it for me?

Do you need something too fancy for an introductory workshop? Do you have a lot of pages or images to upload? No problem! You can create the basic structure, make the design choices  you want and we can take it from there, or we can build it for you from the ground up. WordPress customization, design and content creation services are available, along with monthly backup and upgrade services to keep your site safe.

Fine print:

The resulting website will be a WordPress website, from one of your choice of several pre-selected well-designed, mobile-ready templates. You will customize and set up your chosen template during the course. You will type in or paste in your own text, and upload your own images, or purchase and upload stock images.  Additional customization, and programming and design services beyond the scope of the course is available for an additional charge. If you do not already have a web hosting service, you will set that up during the first portion of the course. A credit card or PayPal account will be required to pay for these services, which are not included in course cost.

Things I do for my clients (that aren’t obvious)

The things my clients find most valuable aren’t that easy to put in a business description.

  • Investigate options they are considering with an educated, experienced eye, giving them a neutral evaluation of vendors, technologies or solutions.
  • Discover what they know about their best clients and what makes them happy, and apply that go the given situation for them, making educated targeted recommendations.
  • Save money and time for their business and staff by finding efficiencies and easier ways of doing things.
  • Find out from their staff the honest truth about what practices are actually working, actually used and actually found valuable. Similarly finding out who the key staff are to make sure a project is successful and what they need to support them.
  • Help them prioritize their wants and needs based on their most important goals.
  • Enable them to let go of ongoing worry about important projects or sales tools by taking it off their hands, performing it competently and demonstrating success.
  • Enable non-profits to focus on serving their constituencies, by looking after planning and collecting evaluation data and writing to-the-point reports to demonstrate value to funders.

I offer a free initial consultation. Call 604-813-7674 to get started.

New Business or Product Marketing Analysis

Starting a new business, project, product or program you’re excited about? Need a website or a plan of action? Book a consultation session focused on what is unique about you, how you work and what your business can offer.

Entrepreneurs find this strategy session helps shape their product offerings, marketing strategy and pricing to fit both their own goals and the needs of their best clients, for maximum success.

Non-profit managers find that the resulting project delivers easily measurable results that line up with both funder priorities and the organizations core mandate. The project plan makes the project simple to evaluate and staff, and works with the organization’s core strengths.

The session is extremely client focussed and pulls out strengths, resources and advantages you may not have been aware of and makes a plan to use them effectively.

Feel the relief of knowing you are doing the right thing, in a way optimized for success.

With over 20 years of experience helping non-profit organizations and entrepreneurs do good things better, Sophia Kelly can help you make it happen. Call 604-813-7674 to make an appointment.

Want to speak for a half hour to determine this service is a fit for you? A preliminary assessment is available for no charge. Call 604-813-7674

WordPress Website Setup and Maintenance

WordPress Website Setup and Maintenance - WordPress LogoWordPress Website Setup

A simple, flexible, affordable WordPress website that looks great.  Help making it fit your clients, donors and constituents and encourage them to take action to buy, donate or inform themselves.  Affordable. Customizable. Training for your staff to keep it up to date and support when you need something a little fancier or would prefer to have help.

We can set up online donation, event calendaring and registration, private areas for your staff information, member only information areas, custom forms to collect information you need, and display information your clients need.

Let Sophia Kelly set up a website built to grow as needed with your needs.  Let us make it easy for you.

WordPress Website Maintenance

Do you have an existing WordPress website you need help with? We can maintain it, update the content, run regular security updates and backups to protect your site against hackers.

We also provide search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing assistance. Let’s make a website for your organization that is tailored to help clients make the decision to buy from you, learn from you or support you.

Monthly flat rate subscriptions, and as-needed rates.

Call Sophia Kelly at 604-813-7674

Email Administration and Support

Email AdministrationMy clients and their staff can call or email me during business hours whenever they need help.

I help over the phone, send detailed instructions by email, or come to your office to sort things out in person. Save time and money with local support and no waiting on hold. (In person help available in or near Vancouver, Canada) 

I create new accounts, administer passwords and quotas, help with backup, forwarding and out of office responses. I can also help that fiddly problem with your email reader, or help you set up rules to automatically sort your email. 

Whether you use (or want to use) Office 365, Gmail for Business or POP email with email readers like Outlook and Thunderbird, let me make it easy for you to do your job. We can take care of  assigning addresses, permissions  and passwords, backup and archiving, assisting with setup on your users phones, tablets and desktops, and providing support as needed. We can make sure email accounts are secured when staff turnover happens, and that old emails are archived. 

Avoid unproductive delays by making sure your staff have timely, competent and friendly assistance in setting up, managing and using their email accounts, no matter the type of device or platform. Let us take care of any and all technical headaches so you can do what you do best.

Packages and as-needed support available.

Call 604-813-7674 now to get started.

WordPress Training for Non-Profit Staff and Volunteers

WordPress allows for websites to be set up inexpensively and maintained by volunteers or non-technical staff. Tailored Tech has worked with many non-profits who would like to maintain their own content on their website, training volunteers or staff to complete edits.

Most organizations can get staff or volunteers prepared to insert and edit text, add images, change calendars, upload newsletters, and other routine tasks within 1-2 hours of customized training.

Want to do it yourself most of the time, but need extra help from time to time? No problem! Telephone and email support plans are available and affordable for the help you need, right when you need it.
You can opt for professional setup or assistance on an as-needed basis or a monthly plan, in addition to professional backup and updating services to make sure your website stays secure and free from hacking.

WordPress User Training and Coaching

Custom WordPress Training

Fill the gaps in your WordPress knowledge or experience

Custom WordPress training gives you exactly the piece of knowledge you need, when you need it. Do you have a WordPress website you wish you knew how to do more with? Are you wanting to make minor changes yourself and save money on web designer fees? Do you like to be hands on with this important marketing tool?

Just a phone call or meeting away

Learn exactly what you want to learn, on your own schedule, with expert training and support. Ask questions or call for just-in-time help over the phone while you are working.

If you know what you want to do, but are missing pieces of knowledge or experience to make that happen, Sophia Kelly provides supportive coaching and support to get you there.

Call 604-813-7674 for more information

MS Outlook Custom Applications and Training

MS Outlook TrainingA lot of regular users and even advanced users of Outlook and Exchange aren’t aware how fully Outlook can be customized, or the sophistication of Outlook applications and uses that are possible.

Sophia Kelly has over several years experience designing a wide array of Outlook and Exchange applications and providing expert-level support to Outlook users.

Call now to discuss your organization’s needs at
604-813-7674 (10 am-6 pm weekdays, Pacific Standard Time)

Many businesses already use Outlook for email, but are unaware that Outlook can be used to automate business processes. Because your staff may already be familiar with Outlook, the system may be faster to implement. This will make it easier for your staff to adopt new processes as well as saving on the cost of new software.

Outlook can be tailored to:

  • Help staff keep track of people, tasks and how they spend their time.
  • Provide custom data entry forms and screens.
  • Interact easily with MS Word and Excel
  • Have custom reporting, with flexible displays to fit each user
  • Provide one place for everyone’s information, for all purposes, yet stay flexible so that each person can see it the way they need to use it effectively.
  • Remind staff for key tasks and schedule follow-up
  • Centralize and automate staff, resource, and room scheduling
  • Shape the program to fit you.

Contact Sophia Kelly if you would like to:

  • Make use of your staff’s familiarity with Outlook’s existing features and customize them to suit your own business processes.
  • Train professional clerical or secretarial staff to get more out of Outlook with mail merges, advanced search and custom screen view techniques.

Call now to discuss your organization’s needs at
604-813-7674 (10 am -6 pm weekdays Pacific Standard Time)

Research and Writing

Technical Writing in Vancouver

Let Sophia Kelly prepare concisely worded, easy to understand documentation and marketing text.

  • Researched content
  • Program toolkits, guides and manuals
  • Web content
  • Funding proposals
  • Logic modelling
  • Requirements documents
  • User manuals,
  • Software documentation / Help pages and Instruction Sheets
  • Presentations,
  • Courseware and training materials,
  • Proposals…

Output in a variety of formats available.

Sophia Kelly has a BA in Linguistics, graduate diploma in a counselling field and years of business, technical and research writing experience. She can write the way your audience needs to understand it, with words, pictures or both.

For more information speak to Sophia Kelly at 604-813-7674 (M-F 10-6 PST).

Fix Your Website, Database or other IT System

Many of my clients come to me with a website  or other system that meets most of their needs but is missing something they want.  Did you buy a new website, database or software system and then realize it needs some changes to fit your needs? Or find you don’t have the capacity to learn how to use it or set it up?

I love tailoring existing systems and sites to fit you better. Let’s talk about what you want and need and let me save you work and make the most of your investment.

Considering spending a bunch of money on a new website, email system or file storage system? Let me look over the options for you and advise you on what will fit your people and needs best, for the right price. With 20 years of experience, I can help prevent wasted money and effort that comes from the wrong choice or implementation.

Common things people ask me to add to their sites:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Online donations or membership renewals
  • Adding calls to action to  help clients do what you want them to do with the site.
  • Reworking site design to fix issues you’ve discovered when using it
  • Solving that setup issue or change you just couldn’t figure out how to do and couldn’t find in the manual
  • Providing training or documentation for staff on the new system, specific to your business.

Tailored Tech Values

I have been helping non-profit and entrepreneur clients do good things better since the mid 1990s. I am experienced and practical, and enjoy getting useful things done.
These are the values I have worked by in over 20 years of business.

-Sophia Kelly, owner, Tailored Tech

  1. Know your client and their workers – what they need, what their problems are from their perspective. Find out how they think, what their learning style is, how they process and interact with information, so you can communicate most effectively with them.
  2. Be interested in how they do things now and why. Find out what works and what doesn’t, and why the client thinks that is so.
  3. Build trust. Listen. Own your mistakes if you make them and resolve them immediately. Under-promise and over-deliver. Demonstrate that you have done all this.
  4. Be paid fairly for your work. Document and sign off. Be retained and then deliver. Hold the client responsible for their part but take the rest off their hands and make it all better.
  5. Be compassionate. Be honest. Be direct and frank. Own your expertise and give clear advice.
  6. Make technology less complicated and less scary. Help organizations change in compassionate and helpful ways which are worth the effort.
  7. Recommend the least invasive solution that will work, solve the problem and disrupt the clients workflow the least. Right-sized, appropriate technology is often a better fit than a flashy, radical change.
  8. Listen, synergize information you receive from the client and pull in other information to find a solution that fits.
  9. Solve problems. Think about marketing and design impact from the perspective of the clients customers and stakeholders. Shape everything to meet the goal along the way.
  10. Write clearly. Explain things well. Plan for being able to measure results easily and effectively.
  11. Work should not feel like a bureaucracy. Keep your eyes on actually making a difference and helping people in practical ways.
  12. Support strengths. Find the gems and assets that already exist and expand their use and impact. Document existing best practices and expand them.
  13. Help people do good things better.

Instant Project Capacity for Non-Profits

Has your organization located funding for a project, but you don’t have the internal capacity (staffing, space, time) to get it up and running? Sophia Kelly can make your project happen, on time and on budget with project implementation,  management and assessment.

Sophia is competent and experienced. She can help you get up and running, or can take on the complete project implementation, allowing your organization to benefit from the results of a well managed project that serves your constituency and represents your organization in a competent and professional manner.

Some services you can choose from include:

  • Complete turn-key project management – keeping things on time, on task and on budget, and completing the reports for you.
  • Staffing contracting and management – Sophia Kelly can find you qualified contractors,  take on meeting your deliverables and managing all necessary personnel.
  • Ensuring that the program can be evaluated meaningfully to demonstrate results, without spending more time computing stats than absolutely necessary
  • Creating and administering systems to allow people to work remotely on distributed teams
  • Writing your funding proposal and project plan
  • Working with your staff to determine capacity and what outside resources need to be added

Contact Sophia Kelly to discuss your requirements at 604-813-7674 or email sophia@goodthingsbetter.com


Recommendations from Clients

Sophia has helped us maximize the use of our website, greatly improving communications internally between our provincial network of members, staff and volunteers, as well as externally with professionals and the general public. She has helped us quantify and evaluate our services by being available to assist provincial staff with technical matters.

In addition, she has done an excellent job of managing a number of important projects, always doing excellent work that is completed in a timely fashion.

An intelligent and clear communicator, Sophia has provided valuable advice and generous assistance far above and beyond what can be written in a formal contract.

I would highly recommend her services to anyone.
~Jane Duval, Executive Director, BC Schizophrenia Society

Sophia was patient, diligent and meticulous. She got the job done even though we were challenged in providing the details she required. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Sophia. She is outstanding !!
~Brad Carpenter, CEO, Solus Decor

“Since before we even started our business, Sophia’s support has been invaluable.  She set up our database, developed systems for us to manage our e-communications, made it easier for us to manage our website content, and has generally been our number one go-to person for troubleshooting of our computer problems.  She is extremely knowledgeable and generous with her skills.  In the five years that we have operated Rhizome Cafe, it has meant the world to us to know that we can call on her when we need her.”

~Lisa Moore, Coordinator/Co-Owner, Rhizome Cafe

“Sophia helped my landscape business in a big way this past Spring. She improved my website and helped me stayed connected with social media. I would strongly recommend her to anyone needing to reach their clients more effectively.”

~Kyle Duperron, Yardbarbers Landscaping Ltd.

“Sophia assisted us with building and maintaining our databases. She is knowledgeable, professional, precise and efficient. She managed to tailor her services to meet our unique needs and always provided timely support when we needed follow up help.  ”

Ai Li Lim – Executive Director, Staff Lawyer, West Coast Domestic Workers’ Association.

“I first worked with Sophia when she graciously donated her time to improve both the appearance and the functionality of the Women’s Spirituality Celebration’s website. I was so impressed with her expertise and her patience that I then contracted her to assist me with the setup of my website www.sacredcirclesbook.com. I could not have done it without her.”

~Jonina Kirton poet/facilitator


Program Evaluation Results Presented at International Conference

IEPA logo

Sophia Kelly of Tailored Tech managed the ReachOut Psychosis program since early in the program’s development through spring 2017. She oversaw many improvements. These included initiating and formalizing evaluation of the program’s impact on knowledge and behaviour among students and schools. Her evaluation work was recognized in a poster presentation at the International Early Psychosis Intervention Association conference in 2012 in San Francisco, an academic and clinical conference.  The results of the evaluation show that this presentation has measurable affects that shorten time between onset of symptoms, identification and referral to effective supports. Rapid access to treatment for psychosis that has been shown to have a direct impact on how fast and how completely youth with this brain condition recover.

This program uses very sophisticated entertainment tools to promote the accurate, science based message that psychosis is a brain condition that requires immediate medical attention, and provides  youth with the tools they need to get that help quickly. Speed in recognizing and treating youth psychosis has been shown to make a huge difference on outcomes.

The abstract of her presentation is on page 70 of the document linked here.


Web content writing

Text in print brochures or documents does not usually translate well to the web. Website writing is more like newspaper article writing – it is most effective when the most important information is at top, and the reader clicks on links to get more details. As well, a clear call to action helps ensure that people visiting your site take action to contact you, buy or donate.

Tailored Tech can translate your existing materials for the web or write new ones from scratch that achieve results.

Call us at 604-813-7674 to find out more.

Case Study: Online Support Group Project

Sophia Kelly of Tailored Tech implemented and managed the Family Member online support group system for the British Columbia Schizophrenia Society and HereToHelp.

The system provides a place for loved ones of persons with a serious mental illness a place to ask questions, get referrals and share their experiences with others.

The technical aspects of the project include a confidentiality-enhanced login system, spam control, friendly reminders to inactive members, and complete French (as well as English) language support at the option of the user. The multi-language interface included separate formatting and content design details specific to each language, including sponsor logos. The project marketing was also handled by Tailored Tech, including opt-in family resource email newsletters and a calendar of in-person support event. The entire project was managed with excellent evaluation and under budget.

Has your organization located funding for a project, but you don’t have the internal capacity to get it up and running? Tailored Tech can help with project implementation,  management and assessment support.

Contact us to discuss your requirements at 604-813-7674.

Policy and procedure manual Writing and Editing

Do you have a series of policy and procedure documents of varying ages, and aren’t sure which to use? Are some more up to date than others?
Are you wanting to be consistent in publicizing and enforcing your organization’s procedures?
Do you need to demonstrate compliance with certain criteria or goals?
Would you like to protect your organization from liability concerns and staffing turnover by making sure procedures are correct and up to date?
Do you have a key staff member leaving, with all of your organizational knowledge still in their head?

Let Tailored Tech interview key staff, take your notes and documents off your hands and return a professional, complete and useful manual for your organization.

Let us assist you with:

  • Sourcing or creating missing information
  • Identifying missing pieces in existing documentation
  • Interviewing key staff about actual business procedures for documentation or modification.
  • Making language and format consistent and ensuring consistent or updated branding
  • Creating forms and procedure sheets for staff and public use, written in an easy to use manner.
  • Formatting the resulting product for web or intranet use and print
  • Formulating no-hassle ongoing evaluation of results.

Contact us at 604-813-7674 to discuss your project.

About Sophia Kelly

Sophia KellySince 1997, Sophia Kelly has been helping non-profit organizations and local businesses do the good things they do better with database, website, technology and project management services.

Sophia Kelly can be reached at 604-813-7674 or sophia@goodthingsbetter.com

Her office is in beautiful East Vancouver, BC Canada.
Office hours are from 10 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday, Pacific Standard Time.

Service Offerings

Project planning, project management, workflow streamlining and tailoring, WordPress website customization, maintenance and training, research, logic modelling, evaluation and databases. Sophia Kelly offers a suite of services to help you do good things, better.

About Sophia Kelly

Sophia Kelly has been in private consulting practice, based in Vancouver, since 2000. Prior to that she worked for other companies in software training, database management, IT consulting and web design in Montreal and Vancouver. She also has specialized training in linguistics and arts therapy.

She is rooted in her community – she founded a solar energy installation company, and is an active volunteer.

More details and CV can be viewed on LinkedIn


Sophia Kelly has won an award for environmentally friendly business practices, and have managed award winning programs. [awards details]

Business Facebook Pages

Are you a business-owner with a website that could benefit from customer word of mouth and testimonials? Are you promoting an event that people are more likely to attend if they know their friends are going? Are you a charity or non-profit who would like to get your message out using social media?

Tailored Tech is offering an affordable package to get you started with social media. Call us now at 604-813-7674 to get started.

Facebook Setup Services Package

Facebook allows you to take word of mouth promotion online. A Facebook fan page allows you to build a following of ‘fans’ on facebook. When your fans interact with your Facebook Page, stories linking to your Page can go to their friends via Facebook’s news feed. As these friends interact with your page, news feed keeps driving word-of-mouth to a wider circle of friends. Facebook is one of the older social media platforms, and is a good choice for businesses wanting to reach women and people over 40.

We will5u84f48n

  • Set up your Facebook account.
  • Set up a Facebook Business Page.
  • Add information you supply to the Business Page.
  • Give you advice (personalized for your organization) on how to use Facebook going forward.

Ongoing administration and content services available at reasonable rates.

Call Tailored Tech now at 604-813-7674 (10am -6pm weekdays, PST).

To get started, call Tailored Tech now at 604-813-7674 (10am -6pm weekdays, PST).

ReachOut Project Wins Award

smalltotemThe ReachOut Psychosis program, managed by Sophia Kelly, won the Schizophrenia Society of Canada Initiatives/Programs of Excellence Award for 2008.

Tailored Tech (formerly Sophia Kelly Data Web and Project Consulting) has been involved with the ReachOut psychosis project almost since it’s inception. As project manager, Sophia Kelly has coordinated rapid expansion of the program, which provides important early intervention education to psychosis onset age youth, embedded in a rock concert and spoken word presentation. The program reaches over 24000 youth per year with information that helps get young people with emerging psychosis to medical help fast. Early medical treatment has been shown to dramatically improve outcomes for this condition. In addition to the Programs of Excellence award, a video about the project ( http://www.reachoutpsychosis.com ) was featured at the 6th International Conference on Early Psychosis October 22-24 in Melbourne, Australia.

Tailored Tech manages program staff, conducts program planning, and evaluation and provides  communications and marketing services, including print, stage and web media for this project. Our client, the BC Schizophrenia Society, is provided with a high-quality, continually evaluated and improved program, on budget and meetingor exceeding project goals.